Home Iklan Baris Jual Merlin HM9 WS13 For Funiture Wood Moisture Meter dengan harga Ekonomis di 082217294199

Jual Merlin HM9 WS13 For Funiture Wood Moisture Meter dengan harga Ekonomis di 082217294199

Jual Wood Moisture Meter Merlin, Jual Wood Moisture Meter HM9 WS13, Jual Wood Moisture Meter HM9 WS5, Jual Wood Moisture Meter HM9 WS1, Jual Wood Moisture Meter HM9 WS25, Harga Merlin HM9 WS13, Beli Merlin HM9 WS13 Wood Moisture Meter Murah di 082217294199 merlin® Wood moisture meter Short production times and high quality standards are the key to success. The non-destructive moisture meter from merlin® are an indispensable aid. They are used to measure raw timber as well as semi-finished products, veneers, parquet, furniture and windows. HM9 series for veneer, parquet flooring, furniture or cutting The HM9 measuring devices are available for a variety of applications with measuring depths from 0.5 to 25 mm. As soon as the measuring device is pressed against the object to be measured, the measuring field changes. This change is processed and evaluated by the processor. The LCD display shows the moisture content in percent. Your benefits Menu with language selection 21 wood groups / calibration curves Optimized accuracy due to finer calibration curve selection Optimized processors and software for faster handling of the device Quick selection of calibration curves Automatic self-calibration function Display of dry density, wood group and minimum wood thickness Enlightened display Optimized housing scope of delivery includes soft case and hand strap Wood Moisture Meter Merlin HM9-WS13/HD Sepeksifikasi Merlin HM9-WS13 Merlin Wood Moisture Meter HM9-WS13/HD Hardwood calibration 0,450 - 0,950 (g/cm3) dry Density scanning depth : 20mm (13mm min. thickness) incl. rubber protector and 9V battery Measuring range: 4% - 99% Timber group: 1-6 Density Range: 370 - 670kg/m3 Weight: 160g Dimension: 120 x 60 x 25 mm Informasi Produk & Harga Hubungi Marga Setia Group: Contact Person TantanTeknik ( Marga Setia Group ) Alamat : Jalan H.Kelik No.20 RT.03/RW.08 Kelapa Dua Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat 11550 Phone : 082112325856 / 082217294199 / WhatsApp : 082217294199 / 082112325856 Telp & Fax : 021.22054159 Email : atantan.margasetia@gmail.com
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